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How to remove ads in most Android apps using GameSpector

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How to remove ads in most Android apps using GameSpector

Postby bbadmin » Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:53 pm

Update: This guide is outdated, use Fluff Buster functionality instead

Each Android app has its "cache", which in essence is a copy of the application's classes.dex file optimized for your mobile device. Most ad URLs are embedded in the cache file and GameSpector can disable them so that the application cannot receive and display any ads.

Howto for disabling ad URLs using GameSpector:

1. Open GameSpector

2. Click on the target application and select "Edit Files".

3. Click on the first file <dalvik-cache> and select "String/URL Editor" If you opened the editor for the first time, GameSpector will attempt to load a list of ad URLs from the server (you can submit an ad URLs, see below)

4. Click on the filter menu icon (looks like an eye), check "Show URLs only", and click "Apply"

5.What you see is a list of all URLs in the application (except for those encrypted or dynamically constructed). You can disable individual URLs (click on a URL and select "Disable URL") or you can disable ALL ad URLs detected by GameSpector (Menu -> Disable Ads)

6. Disabled URLs will be displayed in yellow. Apply your edits to the cache (Menu ->Apply changes). This might take a few seconds.

7. Now, restart your app and voila - no ads! If the app crashes, which means that you either disabled a URL that the application cannot function without or the application takes measures to prevent you from editing its cache, just clear the cache and warm-reboot your Android.

If you see an ad URL that GameSpector does not identify as such, please click on it and select "Report Ad/Spam URL". This is a crowd-sourced way to keep GameSpector's list of ad URLs up-to-date.
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